French songs everybody knows
French songs everybody knows
French songs everybody knows
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French music blog : why CREATE a site on French songs ?

La Chanson Française is a french music blog for people who love French artists singing in French. The goal is to share and celebrate the love of the French language in music with the entire world… or as many people as possible. I have made it my mission.

But how did my knowledge of French song begin until creating a website ? Unsurprisingly, my family, very sensitive to artists of their generation : Barbara, Gainsbourg, Bourvil, Juliette Gréco. I remember listening to “La Bicyclette” – “Bicycle” by Yves Montand in the car on the way to vacation. Someone should write “À trottinette” – “Scooters” today, it could be funny. 

My music school teacher (Hello Marion ! I can’t believe I remember your name) also taught me French songs by very famous authors like Charles Aznavour. I was seven years old and was discovering “Emmenez moi” – “Take me away”. What beautiful lyrics, I took a slap ! 

So, when I think about my childhood, the stars are in alignment for a french music blog, mine and yours wherever you are on our planet.

Created a french music blog : show the diversity

French singers are increasingly experimenting with musical genres. They can release a rock album and then a rap album like Disiz la Peste or Izia. Even if success is not always there, they like to take risks but above all to have fun. It is what I like

Connecting to their origin and their vocabulary, they create their code to make us dance and conquer the world. Do you see who I’m talking about? Aya Nakamura, the new French queen of pop music ! Rihanna, Madonna are in love with her songs.

French crosses borders. International singers collaborate with francophone singers such as Dua Lipa and Angèle with “Fever” ! Angèle also sang at Coachella, what a great climb for her and French song

I want you to discover music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you try to learn French, it’s a great way to work ! My French music blog will be about famous artists but also lesser known ones to bring them the light they deserve (Hello Anabel). It will be up to you to sort through the selection and add your favorite french songs to your French playlist.

How have these french artists become famous ?

It’s very interesting to see how destiny takes shape. Have these French singers been in a successful French band or did they do a Tv show like The Voice France ? Are they from an artistic family ? The web is also a key for some. 

Everyone has their own path. Sometimes they just have one hit and are no longer publicized. Why ? The musical industry is cruel. Let’s give thanks to the forgotten artists of my teenage years ! I am nostalgic. They are on my list !

Does a French music blog have its place on the American web and elsewhere ?

I remember asking my American friend, Angelo, if American people were listening to French songs. He told me “Sure !” Indeed French music is a good way to learn pronunciation and grammar. The Coachella festival also proves it by making room for French artists : Stromae, Christine and the Queens, Angèle, etc. There’s also francophone events with the French Alliance

And elsewhere ? The Portuguese and the Japanese are very sensitive to French singers and their creations. There is the Tandem festival 2018 where Pomme performed her French songs and one in japanese language. Of course, iconic French artists like Brel, Juliette Gréco have always been in their heart.

How do I select French songs on my music blog ?

Great question ! To start with, there are classic French songs everybody knows in France or abroad, then my inspiration, French artists I listen to at home. Finally my favorites I discovered on Youtube music or Spotify. I am open-minded and want as much variety as possible. Suggest me your songs !

The French songs are often for all audiences. If there are topics that may offend you, I am sorry. In France we have an important freedom of speech. Children’s songs like the French icon Chantal Goya sung in the past disappeared today. Kids are used to listening to songs on the radio. 

When I was a salesman, I remember a father and his 6 year old daughter walking into the store. The music was “Balance ton quoi ?” by Angèle inspired by #Metoo and “Out your pig” ; he said “Hey Sophie, it’s your favorite singer on the radio.” I guess they don’t understand the depth of the French lyrics but they love the melodies.

One thing you need to know about my french music blog : I select French songs but the artists can be from another country and nationality than France. In Belgium, Suisse, Canada for example, there is a very important pool of French-speaking singers. When I was a teen I was listening to Marie-Mai “Mentir” – “Lie”, the song is very well written. The words are simple but the verses are perfectly constructed. It makes me think to Colette “Find your uniqueness by writing with the words that everyone uses”.

Express myself with a french music blog

Madonna whispered it to me. If I like listening to French music, I also like creating it. There’s nothing crazy ! At home, you could hear me singing “Facile” – “Easy” by Camélia Jordana or my own songs. I talk about different topics : love (wow, very original), french society, my life (ah). I try to write about situations that everyone could relate to.

I participated in French song contests and artistic residences before the Covid period. It was great ! Being on stage, singing and dancing but also traveling in France to the North then to the South. In September, I will be in a hobby workshop to improve my songwriting in Paris at La Manufacture Chanson. It’s your new TV show “Egidio in Paris”, I’m laughing out loud. I will share with you my writing techniques, applicable in French but also in English, some videos of me. Rest assured, this will not be the main part of my french music blog.

So, where to start ? We have a lot to say ! And you, do you know French male or female singers ? Where are you from ? What do you expect from ?

French songs everybody knows

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I hope to make you want to listen to even more French songs. I am available for questions. Don’t hesitate to comment on the articles. Consider me your French pen pal.

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